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About us
QW Lianora Swiss Consulting SA is a dynamically developing European company. We provide our clients with high-quality services in the field of investments and advisory, financial management and planning, personal financial services and lifestyle, market analysis and research, mergers and acquisitions.
Our leader
The vast experience of our team of experts and top management allows the company to develop daily and reach new heights.
Sustainable development
By focusing on the long-term success of your organization, we deliver the right financing and capital solutions for your growth objectives.
Tailored solutions
Detailed individual and family tax and succession planning for customers' peace of mind and confidence, matching the most sophisticated needs and requirements.
Our team employs professionals who have organized successful trainings for thousands of people. They all worked in different companies, and now gathered in the family of QW Lianora Swiss Consulting SA.
We prepare programs of regular trainings for professional development, which will transform the newcomers into the field of business into true professionals.
Our clients
The main indicator of the company's success is customer confidence. Five Wings Asset Management experts trust our experience and expertise
Expert team
A trusted partner for your organization’s most important decisions, we help navigate the short- and long-term opportunities.
For our managers, each customer comes first. Our experienced employees work 24/7, solving problems of any complexity.
News & Events:
Changes in the conference schedule in Mexico
Hello dear partners. To date, QW Lianora Swiss Consulting SA works with Five Winds Asset Management under a special partnership agreement.
How to make a business plan
If you are just starting to do business, then you have probably heard about such a concept as a business plan and the fact that without it you cannot talk about the success of a business. Indeed, today it is impossible to imagine any successful enterprise without a competently drawn up business plan.