How to create a marketing strategy

In the near future, the company QW Lianora Swiss Consulting SA is preparing to publish the schedule of the first series of training events. Our trainings will be devoted to business analysis, financial planning, and marketing.

Our team has gathered the best and most experienced specialists. While the training program is only being prepared, we are ready to share our knowledge with you. In the framework of the theoretical preparation for training we will describe the basics of successful business.

One of the mandatory factors for the success of any business is a competently conceived marketing strategy. Without it, even the most successful product is doomed to failure. To prevent this from happening, start planning ahead of time.

To begin with, decide on the positioning of your product. To whom will you sell it? Who needs it? To what end? How do you differ from your competitors? Do you have your own niche?

Conduct market research; draw a portrait of your potential buyer.
Make sure that your product has a unique offer that will distinguish it in a series of similar ones.

Decide on the methods of promoting the product.

Be prepared for the fact that the strategy will have to be changed and adjusted during implementation.

And remember: even the most beautiful product needs advertising.

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